What Parents & Students are Saying

  •  It was so awesome to have you by our side today, sharing your expertise, offering support, and reminding us how lucky we are to go to this school. Thank you for helping me make a professional-official-type letter requesting the Evaluation.  I’m sure that helps set the tone for ‘We’re serious about this, let’s get moving.’ That’s a huge weight off my shoulders.  Now, I can move on to the many other things on my to do list 😉  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! - Parents of Elementary Student, Burbank Unified School District  

  • We just wanted to thank you so very much for your time, expertise, and kindness. We very much enjoyed meeting you– I can’t really explain it, but as a mom, it just makes me feel better about the world, knowing that there are people like you, Odelia, and Anamae in it.  - Mom of Toddler obtaining California State Regional Center Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Services 

  • Thanks for the nice note. I will go ahead and do my assiments! They look really fun! You are the best tuter in the world! My Mom says “Christine is the best tuter”! I can not wait to see you on Saturday! I also can not wait to see the American Girl Doll play, and i can not wait for you to see my end of my play! ;D 😀 kisses bye see you Saturday. -Student, Age 8, Working on English, Writing, Executive Functions and Self-Regulation Skills

  • Christine and I met three days a week at my local library discussing what I needed to accomplish in my on-line classes. She helped me improve my writing skills and taught me to fix errors on the peer review. She has also introduced me to three different books on my Asperger’s, and how to deal with it. Without Christine, I would have been stuck on a lot of topics that seemed incomprehensible. If it wasn’t for her, I would have felt unprepared and unable to reach my expectations and goals for college. - Student at California State University Northridge (CSUN)

  • Christine taught me that I’m a visual learner. Now, I know I have to look at the board to know what I need to do. - Elementary Student at Lanai Elementary School

  • Christine is a great tutor. Always prepared and always on time. She’s always happy, and she makes me smart. I feel comfortable working with her. I’m her favorite student. She loves me sooooooooooo much! -- Middle School Student at Emek Hebrew Academy

  • Thank you for always allowing my daughter to find that special place to work. Whoever said that we have to sit behind a desk to get the most out of our studies. - Parent of Elementary Student, Los Angeles Unified School District 

  • Thank you for all your assistance. You are absolutely wonderful in person and professionally.  - Mom of Elementary Student, The Help Group 

  • I am so glad they called you. Thank you for taking care of my clients. - Marriage and Family Therapist, working in Collaboration to provide Support for Student & Family

  • Incidentally, a little story that might bring you a cheer as it did for me. Last night our daughter was writing a summary for school, and we stuck to the time limit as the Tutor suggested. When time was running out, she only had to finish the last paragraph,  but she was staring around. I asked her to think how she would work if her Tutor were there. She said I would work fast. Then she said to herself, ‘Thank you,  Christine,’ and immediately wrote a couple of sentences and finished in no time.  I asked what she was thinking to thank you for. She said, Christine taught me a trick to write ‘In conclusion,’ and it’s easy and it always works. So, from us as well, thank you. -  Dad of Elementary Student at Westwood Charter School

  • They are both the greatest girls in the world and I’m so happy with how they work with and respond to you. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts. As a very busy and single mother, it really means a lot to me. It makes me so much more comfortable in my job knowing that you’ll be there on Thursdays to help them so they won’t be worried about tests or homework. - Mom of Students at Ivy Bound Academy 

  • Christine was an exceptional writing tutor in every way.  She not only gave my daughters the tools and confidence to write various different types of essays and book reports, she also made writing fun!  My girls always looked forward to her visits and we loved having her in our home. - Parent of Elementary Students at Sherman Oaks Charter

  • Are we ever so blessed to have Christine come into our lives. My daughter entered Public School for the first time this year after being in a very small Private School and come to find out she was very behind in her academics. Christine has been very instrumental not only in Tutoring but also in IEP Assistance, making ever effort possible to ensure my daughter got her IEP rights. When everyone at her school kept telling me all she needed was time to adapt to her new school setting, Christine was motivated, determined, and persistent; she didn’t settle for anything less than getting the school to do an IEP for my daughter. Forever thankful and grateful for this because through this we found out it wasn’t  about her needing time to adapt in school but about a more serious issue called  Auditory Processing Disorder. Thank you so much Christine for challenging her school and always going the extra mile with my daughter. I am so appreciative as a mother as I know my daughter will one day understand and realize how we never gave up on her and how determined we were in getting her the help she needed. Thank you again Christine– you are a miracle, blessing, and a gift to our family! - Mom of Elementary Student with an Auditory Processing Disorder, Los Angeles Unified School District

  • We are very happy with our Tutor. My kids like her so much. She did a great job and we will certainly work with her again - Mom of Middle School Students in West LA

  • I got a note from her teacher that they want to do the testing for the GATE program. I am so excited, and was not expecting that at all at this time of the year. She has really come a long way, and I really appreciate all of your work with both of them. My other daughter is tremendously more confident and both of their study habits are amazing. I am so pleased! They also really like you and how you work with them, so I just wanted to say thanks. ~ Mom of Elementary & Middle School Students, Sherman Oaks Charter Elementary School & Ivy Bound Acade

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