Academic Support for Your Child’s Unique Needs

Part of Academic Support is Helping The Struggling Student Understand How They Uniquely Process Information & Finding the Right School Fit to Help Them Learn to Be their Best Self. We understand that all students learn differently but not all schools can accommodate their differences. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help the student learn how they process information, teach them the tools to self-advocate, and support them on their academic journey. 

The Academic Support portion of our Wraparound service focuses on In-Home & At School Private Tutoring with an emphasis on teaching Executive Function Skills, Processing Information according to the Student’s Learning Style, Comprehension Strategies, and Learning to Communicate Effectively through Speaking and Writing.

We know each child learns differently, and, as such, we offer School Placement consulting services to help you navigate the educational world and find the best school fit for your out-of-the-box thinker.



The Academic Support Portion of Our Wraparound Service focuses on these areas of need:

  • Private Tutoring for Processing Information Through Writing
  • Private Tutoring for Test Preparation
  • Private Tutoring Plus for Learning Differences
  • School Placement for Learning Differences, Behavior Challenges, and Social Skills Needs


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