Behavior Support to Help Your Unique Student

We are One of the Only Services that Makes it a Top Priority to Bridge the Gap Between School & Home. We understand that family dynamics are different in each and every home. Oftentimes, however, a struggling student’s school concerns create more tension within the home environment, leading to a breakdown in communication coupled with emotional overload. We know that the home environment affects the school environment and vice versa, so we strive to bridge the gap between home and school.

The Family Coaching Behavior portion of Our Wraparound Support Service is specifically designed to help families with children struggling in school due to a learning difference, behavior challenge, or lack of social skills development.

We take a compassionate, honest and upfront approach to helping students and their families in crisis, giving you the tools to guide your family towards a happier, healthier home life and positive school experience for parents and their kids.



The Behavior Support portion of Our Wraparound Support Service focuses on:

  • In-Home & At School Behavior Support, including Social Skills Training, Implementing Behavior Expectations, and Follow-Through
  • In-Home Family Meetings to Open Up The Lines of Communication and Put Boundaries & Structure in Place



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